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Cyrus n : Persian prince who was defeated in battle by his brother Artaxerxes II (424-401 BC) [syn: Cyrus the Younger]

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From Cyrus < (Kuros) < 𐎤𐎢𐎽𐎢𐏁 (kuruš). As a saints' name it has been identified by folk etymology with Greek kyrios "lord".

Proper noun

  1. Ancient king of Persia, also mentioned in the Bible (2 Chron. 36:22, etc).
  2. A given name.


ancient king of Persia
male given name


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Cyrus (in modern Persian, کوروش – Kurush – and in Greek, Kyros) is a common Iranian given name.
It most commonly refers to Cyrus the Great, but has many other uses.

Persian monarchs and princes

  • Cyrus I of Anshan (ca. 650 BC), King of Persia
  • Cyrus II of Persia (559–529 BC) – also known as Cyrus the Great – the grandson of Cyrus I, an Achaemenid ruler and the founder of the Persian Empire
(See also: Cyrus Cylinder, Cyrus in the Judeo-Christian tradition and Cyrus the Great in the Quran)

Other persons named Cyrus

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